7 Sep

Benefits of Online Gaming

Online gaming is often noted to have a negative effect on health since many hobbyists spend considerable amounts of time sitting in a chair moving only their arms. It is true that some online games can be quite addicting, but there are also some benefits of online games.

chessBrain Stimulation

Science has shown that elderly people who continue to learn and stimulate their brain are at less risk of developing memory problems or other illnesses related to the brain and thought to process. There are many ways to stimulate the brain and keep it healthy and alert, but video gaming is one of the best options. There are so many online games available today, that you could play something different and give your brain a new challenge every single day for the rest of your life.

The best games for brain stimulation are those that involve puzzles, trivia, or other forms that require concentration and deep thought. Matching games and puzzles that require you to think in creative ways can go a long way to keeping your brain young and witty.

Other games like pokies, are just a fun game to play online and let loose with once in awhile.  As long as they are played responsibly of course.

gamingEnhanced Social Skills

The best online games available today have a social element. From the many Facebook games that allow players to help one another reach new levels and skills to games that mimic real life interactions with others, there is a dynamic social world developing online. Many online gamers feel they are a part of an extended family, and so develop close personal relationships with those they routinely play with online.

There is a lot to be learned about human interaction and communication skills from these online games. If you spend enough time playing, you will meet many other people from around the world. This gives a broader experience of the world and teaches you how to communicate and get along with others in the real world. The best games for development and refinement of social skills are those that replicate real world interactions. One such would be Second Life. Players can actually earn money to be used in their offline lives if the open a business in the game and charge human paying customers for services or products given to their online identities. Playing online games helps you to gauge the person opposite to you. No parents would ever tolerate their children getting victimized so it is utterly important that parent howsoever busy is should take some time from their busy schedule to keep the record of their children’s activities online and keep them safe from the online predators.

Children Safe at Home

There are parents who complain that online gaming is making their children unhealthy, but many other parents want their children to play online games. They want their children to have a good time and grow up happy, but they know that there is a lot of trouble to be found out on the streets today. These parents would rather have their children take up online gaming than start roaming the streets and getting into trouble.These are just three of the benefits that can come from taking up online gaming as a hobby. There are far less productive things that could be considered hobbies, and valuable real life lessons can now be learned. Those in search of a safe, convenient way to fill their spare time can benefit from finding a few online games they enjoy.

19 Jul

A Brief History of Italian Ceramics

Italy is famous for its cuisine, its architecture, and its art. Ceramics are just a part of the beautiful works that come from Italy. The history of ceramics stretches back thousands of years and makes a huge impact today on this wondrous blend of earth, fire, and water.  For more information visit potterypoint.com or you can look them at some of the YouTube videos they have.

italianflagThe 1300s and 1400s – Beginnings of Great Italian Art

Glazed earthenware originated in the Middle East in the 9th Century, but as the Spanish started shipping their own lusterware from Valencia to Italy, the introduction of ceramics to Italy was official.

The 1300s saw the beginning of Italians using opaque, white oxide glazes made from tin on ceramic. They called this Maiolica which refers to the Spanish Island of Majorca where the lusterware came from.

What made Italy’s version of ceramics notable was that the glaze they used never faded or lost its color. Clearly the Italians had created the best ceramic products in the world. By the time the Renaissance began, Italy was the most noted at making ceramics and still makes them with high-quality today.

In the early 1400s, the Italian potters only used two colors which were made from manganese and copper to form browns and greens. Improvements were made and by the mid-1400s and kilns were capable of allowing pieces to be glazed with several different colors like orange made from iron, blue made from cobalt and yellow from antimony.

CraftsThe 1500s and 1600s – Local Craftings Are Shared with the World

Here at rifug.org, we’re trying to share our information with the world as well but we’re just passing it along, they were creating it.  As the original handmade productions continued to be made in various villages, the products were gaining even more notoriety and were able to be produced for others. The two biggest producers in the 1500s and 1500s were Deruta and Montelupo. Faenza was also a famous town that had its own style that made use of light colors on white glaze.
The production of laggioni began to grow. This was where tiles were created for floors and walls. The glazes on those tiles were covered with patterns that actually were influenced by Islam. Italian potters had a tradition of taking elements from other cultures and making them truly their own. They would use frescos and oil paintings for additional inspiration.

By the time books were available, Italian potters could even replicate images from the Bible or from classic history into their pottery. The term for this type of ceramic work is called historiated maiolica.

The 1700s to Today

Local production continued and many beautiful works ended up in churches and in homes as ceramic tiles became more popular for interior decoration. In the mid-1800s, the Italian ceramic boom villages suddenly experienced a crisis. More and more people were looking to buy cheaper ceramics or porcelain. But, by the 1900s, a demand for maintaining and drawing on tradition evolved and a museum of ceramics opened.

Today fine ceramics are available from famous craftsmen online and in village shops throughout Italy. Museo Montelupo is a must-see for those who visit Tuscany as is Le Ceramiche di Nove e Bassano in Veneto.

20 Nov


IMThe year 2015 has seen the improvement of the internet marketing deals with every firm and small businesses standing up to the task of joining the connected global village to promote their products. It is important to note that in this year it has been almost close to impossible for a business to be able to thrive without the use of online marketing. This is because of the digital systems of most of the countries therefore the skill of eCommerce has steadily been publicized to ensure that even more companies use the same. The beauty about online marketing is that you do not have to conduct all the work by yourself. This is because there has also been the establishment of various marketing firms that will do this work for you at an affordable cost. Ensure that you have acquired a good marketer who is well equipped with the perfect marketing skills so that at the end of the day you will receive good results. In 2015 the following characteristics are necessary to have in your online marketing for you to be able to thrive in the same. Remember that there are a lot of competitors in the online marketing firm therefore you should ensure that you employ the best marketing tactics. Consider the following to boost your marketing in the internet.


1. Navigation

For your online marketing website to be able to thrive outstandingly then it is important that you ensure that the potential clients can be able to easily navigate through your website without any problems. Note that the first impression that they receive from your online website may affect the decisions that they will make in future about the business.


2. Search Engine Optimization

In the earlier periods when online marketing was still not well established, you would find a business providing links that lead their potential clients to completely different online sites. Ensure that this is prevented by having good technicians in place to correct any error. Today, SEO isn’t nearly as link based because it was being manipulated and spammed.  A good local company can usually do the job very well so look no further than your local Winston-Salem SEO company.  Note that there are a variety of online businesses therefore if your link does not go through then the potential client will not waste his/her time in the same but most probably they will look for a different link.


3. Security

In 2015, we have quite a number of cyber crimes and hacks in which a certain business website is distorted and the credentials of the same are left in bad positions. It is very considerable to look for the perfect internet security firm so that they will ensure that all your online details are completely secured and that no one will have an access to tamper with them.


4. Readability

Many marketers tend to fore look this fact by inserting texts in their websites that are not readable at all. The image of the website will not be attractive once you do this. For instance if your marketer uses a very small font to describe the products, then this will definitely have an effect on the clients whom your business will get.


5. Clarity to action

It is very important that in your website you go straight to the point about what your business is all about, how one can access the products and many more so that the potential clients do not have to struggle looking for this information.

6. Customer database

In recent times, this was just an addition to your online marketing but in 2015 it is almost close to compulsory with many firms creating various forums in their online marketing websites where they can be able to interact with their customers freely. A customer database reduces the workload of a firm and provides the necessary information of your firm to the customers such as changes in the pricing, new products, special offers and many more.



18 Nov


When most people think about operating systems for computer it think about Windows and Mac. But what people don’t realize is that one of the most important operating systems in the world is unix. Unix doesn’t get much play in the media because it is often at the background of everything that makes the internet run. Without Unix the internet would not exist in all of the major computing systems that run the world would die. We all need it but we don’t know what it is. Some people might know about Linux which was built upon the Unix system but they don’t realize the history of it all.



The Internet as we know it is not run on here everyday operating system because the security internet you need an operating system that is very strong and it is hard to break again. It needs to be near hacker proof. Operating systems like Windows and Mac system or not as secure as Unix. From the beginning it was designed to be secure it was designed to do the work for super computers and for big companies. It was never intended for the home user so it does not have the flaws that your standard operating system would have periods

For most people we would never use a Unix command line but for people who work in information security and a network administration they often do have to use Unix and for damn it creates a great living and they provide a great service. So units doesn’t get much fanfare but without it the internet and all major computer networks would not exist.

Unix doesn’t work like your everyday operating system for the most part it does not have a graphical user interface so you have to go to the command line and learn different command-line programs and terminology. For some people using the command line is easier than using a graphical user interface because you can work very fast. One thing that I like about the unit system and working on the command line if that gives you quick access to the file system. For me when programming I like to go to the command line because it creates an environment that is very easy to program in.

As you can see Unix is a very important operating system that is used to run the world’s most important computing networks.