All you need to know about Pitbull’s Diet

pitnullPitbull’s are breed of dogs you can have as
a pet. The American Temperament Testing Association has proven that the natural temperament of a Pitbull is better than a golden retriever, a Labrador and poodles which means as a pet Pitbull can be nicer than a retriever. You should also not be concerned about them being near kids because ATTA proved that it is not inheritive to show aggression or
be violent towards humans.

Physical Appearance of a Pitbull

The height of a fully grown Pitbull ranges between
18 to 22 inches. An adult American Pitbull weigh between 30 to 60 pounds. All Pitbull dogs have shiny, thick & short hair. The rare red nose Pitbull not only has a red nose, but also red eyes, red lips and red toenails. All Pitbull variants have round or ovular eyes and floppy, medium-sized ears. The American Pitbull has a short, narrow, whip-like tail that tends to be very active.

What does a Pitbull eat?

Knowing how much and what kind of foods to feed is very important for your dog’s health. The right diet, along with a proper exercise, ensures a long life of your pet. It is quite important to understand that how much food your Pitbull eats so don’t over or underfeed your dog. If he becomes over weight, health issues can start along with joint problems. How much food needs to be feed at one time depends on the life stage and weight of your dog.


Pitbull puppies need dog food specially designed for Pitbull puppies. Puppies require more amount of fats & proteins in their diet as compared to adults. Puppies should be fed a cup of dry dog food three times a day. Puppies are very active grow fast, so they need lots of proteins. Canned food can be mixed with dry food for variety.


Adult Pitbull’s requires around 20 pounds of dry dog food a month. It is better to feed your adult dog a cup of food tow or even three times a day. It is helpful for their digestive system rather than feeding them one big meal a day. They should also get enough exercise daily to maintain their weight along with a healthy diet. You can also give healthy snacks such as fruit slices along with dog biscuits in between their meals.

Get a Good Crate

Another important thing to note is that pitbulls are very prone to escape.  This means that you must get a escape proof dog crate that is designed for pitbulls like the ones here  It’s important to take good care of them as if they get out it can be disastrous.

How to heat a fish tank

Tropical fishes live in climates that are warmer than the typical temperature that most fishes live in. To rear them at home, your fish tanks and aquariums have to be heated to raise their temperature artificially.


Heating your fish tanks and aquariums is not a difficult task, but maintaining them at a constant temperature is even more important than heating your tank. Your fishes aren’t too particular about living at a specific temperature. In fact, most tropical fishes can live in a range of temperatures. However, a fluctuating tank temperature will cause a lot of stress to your fishes.

There are options that you can choose for heating and maintaining the temperature of your tropical fish tanks. The three main types of heaters for fish tanks. They are hang-on heaters, submersible heaters and filter heaters like the ones here

Hang-on heaters, as their name suggests, hang onto your tanks from the top. They are partially submerged in the aquarium, with the heater control above the water line and the heating element under it. These heaters have the longest history of use and are very reliable. However, their hanging over the top of the aquarium is an unwelcome feature to most owners who are concerned with the aesthetic design of their fish tanks.

Submersible heaters are fully submerged inside your tanks, and they have a slim design which helps to conceal their presence in your tank. They are slightly more expensive than hang-on heaters but are much less obtrusive in appearance.

Filter heaters are the ultimate heaters for hobbyists who do not want to have any mechanical parts inside their fish tanks. These filters are installed where the external filter is located and heats up the water that flows through the filter. However, if your filter pipe is fairly long and located at a distance from your tank, the temperature control of your tank will be less reliable because of the heat loss from the water before reaching the filter heater.

Filter heaters are much more expensive than common heaters, but they are worth the premium if you are seeking to create a fully natural fish tank.

Besides the type of fish tank, the size and rating of your heaters are important. Naturally, the bigger your tank, the larger the heater you will need. As a rule of thumb, you should go for a 25-watt heater for 5 gallons of water and every increase by 10 gallons of water; you should increase the size of your heater by 25 watts.

A good heater will last you for a long time without you having to worry about temperature regulation in your fish tanks.