Gold fish are the pet fish of choice for old time and first time pet fish owners.  In the past they were prized for their beauty and used as a symbol of wealth. They are easy to care for and they are prized because of their unique colors.

The Gold fish like we know it today is a fresh water fish closely related to the carp and is originally from China. Although it is called gold fish, they are not golden colored. They come in Orange, red, white and black colors. They typically grow up to about 20 centimeters and they have a life span of 50 years. Although those kept in captivity live for 4 – 6 years. Gold fish is very delicate when kept in captivity they require a proper aquarium with water filters and air pumps. Because they have a high rate of metabolism, they need increased amount of oxygen to function normally. They are very peaceful and can co exist with other fishes in the same tank.

The common mistakes many people make with their gold fish is, not cleaning their tanks regularly and not giving them the right food in the proper quantity.

Optimal water temperature for goldfish largely depends on if  you want to breed more gold fish and also the location of your gold fish ie indoors or an outdoor pond. Gold fish easily adapts to changes in temperature but it is highly recommended that changes should happen slowly.

If you choose to breed your gold fish, the best temperature to encourage spawning would be around 20 – 24 degrees centigrade. Gold fish doesn’t spawn in high temperature and they tend to hibernate when the temperature drops below 20 degrees centigrade.

Depending on the variety, gold fish can survive temperatures from almost 0  to 30 degree centigrade as long as you provide the correct environment and care.